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This app has worked well for me so far. It would be nice if I could directly transfer funds from my BTC wallet to my BCH wallet. Would be very nice especially for people without banks accounts, lol. (Sorry but I refuse to give the banks my money.) The convenience of this would be tremendous. Also, take into consideration some of these other reviews.

Importing vs swiping is unclear

Was going to use this to pay online and they have options for swiping and importing wallets. They should explain the costs! So I had enough in a paper wallet but it cost about 20 bucks to swipe it to the wallet whereas it wouldnt have cost anything to import the wallet. Now Im stuck with a useless balance unless I want to pay another 20 bucks and thats before I can pay 20 bucks to actually pay for the service. The transaction costs are ridiculous as is so this waste sucks.

Great app. Very easy to use!

As a newbie to Bitcoin I was a little skeptical on the complexity of the whole crypto currency thing. For people that don’t get it yet, the BitPay service is basically your own Bitcoin debit card + account management. It makes it so easy to spend, transfer, and manage your investment.

I would not use.

In the Wild Wild West of crypto currencies BitPay has shown themselves to be interested more in possible short term gains than the long term interests of their customers. There are better options. DO NOT TRUST.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) feature doesnt work

This app doesnt create valid BCH addresses. Every single time we generate a BCH (Bitcoin Cash) address with this app to receive BCH, all the other BCH exchanges out there tell us that we are using an invalid BCH address.

Please add this feature.

I love the app and the card. Sometimes the fees are insane but that’s what ya get for using bitcoin. Please let us see the mining fee and the network fee before we enter the amount to transfer!! I’m tired of trying different amounts up to 5 times to get the money transferred. Thanks for all you do

Lost coins

Couldn’t put funds onto my card from my wallet . kept saying can’t create invoice.. spoke to card services , they said try reloading app..i did.. that erased wallet, I don’t have the 12 word phrase .. support says coins gone that were in wallet if I can’t recover with phrase.. thanks Bitpay

Best BTC & BTH Wallet ever

After the last update god i love BitPay finally GUI support for the iPhone X ??

Terrible Service, Square Cash is Much Better

The company behind Bitpay had decided to support the scammers behind Bcash, while providing a faint nod towards the broken S2X system. You cannot trust this company until they denounce the malicious actors behind Bcash. Until then, I am moving over to Square Cash as my go to app for transacting the real, stable Bitcoin.

Clean, easy, seamless BTC app.

Simple to set up with clear and thoughtful (especially of my security) step by step instructions. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to transfer confidently from Coinbase and via Coinbase from Gdax. I am not very tech savvy so very impressed. Thanks for a great experience.

Bitcoin cash wallet does not work lost money!

Just downloaded this wallet trying to try out new bitcoin cash wallet providers. When I went to send funds to the address it said address invalid but I copied and pasted the address so I know the problem is not on my end lost 100$ thanks bitpay

Why are you not in. Canada

I tried to get a card and i never saw Canada once on the countries choices for the card

Very likely the worst

Bitpay is a scam. The fees are simply outrageous. If you own bitpay, or you’re married to an owner, or maybe one of the owner’s your daughter—in these cases I would use bitpay. But seeing that I’m just helping these slugs get coin off my back in aspirit wholly dischordant that of bitcoin network I stop today. And you ought not start!

Works Great

Easy to use

Bad system

When compared to Coinbase, BitPay has very poor communication. I ordered BitPay debit card, and I didn’t receive it even I waited for 2 months. So, I called the customer service ,and they required me to provide proof of address because the card was returned to them. From my side, there is no reason to return because I received the cards from banks with same address and my mail box is directly operated by USPS. Anyway, I provided PGE bill with pdf format that I received from PGE every month, and BitPay said they cannot accept electronic version. Who the hell actually not do paperless options in these days in California. And I am sure most people who invest in bitcoin are tech people, and those people prefer electronic version. Also delay bitcoin payment for ordering card compared with Coinbase because it doesn’t even require sending bitcoin address, and the system just automatically take the payment out from the account, and it is done in 1s. Worse thing is that BitPay receive address are changing and I once made a payment and the payment is success on block chain but BitPay never received the payment. Lost money and time for me. In addition, the exchange rate difference for selling and buying are too much different when others companies don’t. I would not be a customer of such company.

Love it

I love this app and have the card also I want to point out to the guy who also left a review they added a a send max amount just so you know!!

This app recommended


Very likely the worst

Bitpay is a scam.

Luveeeet this app!!!

Amazing!!! More Power to you business!!!??❤️

Fees and limits are absolutely absurd!

I really like that the fee is calculated automatically and anyone who has ever lost money because a transaction became “stuck” due to a low fee, will agree with the obvious benefits of that. This wallet is efficient and growing in use by merchants That said, I consistently cannot move less than 0.008 ish out of my wallet! Really infuriating to have say 0.00447 (current conversion = $34 - 37) and it won’t move the funds. It’s like the wallet keeps a cushion of x amount in the wallet, and so you must have funds for purchase + transaction fee + about $30 - 40 to make a transaction! What if I want to zero my wallet out? Can’t you can’t and that’s really crappy hook to keep you using it! Plus you can’t sign the wallet or move to cold even using the BitPay visa costs $7 just to move the money onto the card. Absurd...I’m looking for something better.

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