BitPay – Secure Bitcoin Wallet App Reviews

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Dangerous Garbage

Great way to lose your money. App randomly throws “locked wallet” errors and you can’t send or receive. Support is non-existent. Look elsewhere for a decent wallet.

Best BTC & BTH/BCC Wallet ever

Smoth graphics accurate calculations low transactions fees fast easy to use really good job bitpay thank you

bitcoin cash not fully supported

Can not import bitcoin cash private keys!

Warning, incompatible with real Bitcoin

This app is following a alternative bitcoin fork that is not compatible with real Bitcoin. Very high risk of losing funds.

Warning, incompatible with Bitcoin

Starting November 2017 this wallet won’t be compatible with real bitcoin. It will only work with a corporate fork.

No good for beginners

If youre new to this choose a better app.

Used to trust them, not anymore. NO2X

Not anymore. This company and its products are working against the very reason bitcoin was invented. Stick with the real, original bitcoin.


Best bitcoin wallet app and really cool card integration.


The most important component of any wallet is security and Bitpay has it. Its the #1 recommended wallet app, in my book.

Love the wallet

Great app

Great Wallet for BTC & BCC

Great Wallet for BTC & BCC. Good UI and very simple to use. Highly recommend.

Very useful app!

Very easy to use and send payments! The ability to use this app to top off my Visa, priceless!?


Nice layout easy to use I really like the bit visa option coinbase is lacking in that area as well as other advantages with this app.

Fantastic Wallet

The developers listen to these reviews and make it better and better every update! Definitely suggest this to my friends. Thank you BitPay

5-Star App

Best Bitcoin wallet out there.

Nice app

Very helpful !!!!!??????


A great place to store all your currencies. It doesnt get much easier than this. Especially the security functionality.

Best BTC Wallet

By far the best BTC wallet I have tried.


Enjoy this app tremendously its FANTASTIC!

Really like bitpay!!

App is simple and very easy to figure out!! Finally....

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